Speaking Engagements

Part of my passion in support of Executive Pastors and providing resources that are conspicuously absent from the church world is partnering with churches to help navigate through their challenges.

I spend a good bit of time speaking from pulpits as a guest pastor, facilitating retreats, or leading conference workshops. Part of my drive to do this comes from my passion to serve the church, and partly from my appreciation of the beauty of complex systems implemented effectively with clarity. I enjoy bringing both passionate verve, and systematic processing to bear. One of the most beautiful things in the world is seeing a staff come into alignment around a mission and begin to function as a team like never before.

Below is my current schedule, and how to get in touch if you are interested in partnering to serve your church or non-profit.

  • Gloria Dei Board Retreat (Mountaintops and Milestones) 7/21-22
  • Black Church Leaders and Family Conference 7/23-27
  • Christ Evangelical (Vision Pathway) 8/9
  • Grace Presbyterian (Vision Pathway) 8/12
  • LeadershipNetwork Leadership Community (Communicating Vision) 10/3-5
  • New York City Collective (Renewing the City) 10/7-10
  • The Fellowship at Cinco Ranch (Staff Facilitation/Welcome Ministry) 10/16
  • Anderson Mill Baptist (Guest Pastor and Vision Clarity) 11/3-4
  • Methodist Pastors Retreat (Vision Clarity Facilitator) 11/19-20
  • New Life Church (Vision Team Facilitator) 12/1-3
  • Anderson Mill Baptist (Vision Team Facilitator) 1/12-13
  • New Life Church (Vision Team Facilitator) 1/25-27
  • Texas Ministry Conference (Breakout and Workshop Facilitator) 2/21/13

To contact me about speaking, consulting, or facilitating around Vision Clarity, Organizational Effectiveness, or Ministry Alignment:

email: tony@auxano.com

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